Is it snowing or raining in the wind on you too?

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many umbrellas you fold up. Figuratively speaking it doesn’t always work to prevent or resist snow or rain in the wind or adversity, it will come anyway. This is especially the case during an ongoing litigation process when it one day looks very bright and the next blow up to storm. In those situations, I have learned that it is crucial to understand that – no matter what you have done or not done things may still go bad and – that you in these situations do have a choice on how to look upon the situation that has come up. It is easy to accuse oneself of what you should have done or should not have done. Believe me, I’ve gone there many times. But you can also choose to go with the assumption that you have done the best you could in the given situation and that the situation that occurred is just like any other problem for you to address. Both professionally and privately my experience is that the most important key in these situations of adversity is this choice. An active choice in line with the later way of looking at the situation does not only provide a quicker solution to the problem that have occurred, but also a new valuable experience instead of a sense of failure. So, if it snows or rains in the wind – contact me so I can prevent you from becoming drenched!

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