Suspected of a crime

MAJATTORNEY provides legal advice to individuals and companies in the situation where there is suspicion that a crime has been committed. 

When/if a crime has been committed, it usually starts with the police investigating what has happened through, for example, interrogation, investigation of the crime scene and technical investigation. It is called a preliminary investigation and it is held by the police or the prosecutor. A criminal trial (brottmål) usually begins with the district court by the court appointing a public defender (offentlig försvarare) a case, a plaintiff’s counsel (målsägandebiträde), or a special representative for children (särskild företrädare), and aims to determine whether a person can be held responsible for a crime. 

As a suspect in crime you are often entitled to a public defender that is paid by the state. 

MAJATTORNEY’s services currently do not include assignments as public defender for a person suspected of having committed a crime. 

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