MAJATTORNEY is proud of receiving the award as line of business winner 2022, an award which is given companies in the same line of business in Sweden with the largest revenue and result increase.

I hereby want to thank all my clients who made it possible for me to run MAJATTORNEY for eight years. Without your trust in me it had not been possible. I also want to thank all others who have believed in me and supported me. You know who you are. To be able to support …


Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many umbrellas you fold up. Figuratively speaking it doesn’t always work to prevent or resist snow or rain in the wind or adversity, it will come anyway. This is especially the case during an ongoing litigation process when it one day looks very bright and the next blow up to …

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This Christmas MAJATTORNEY again choose to support Doctors Without Borders, MSF, so that we together can contribute to life saving health care – no matter who, where and why. #MSF_Sweden

Don’t wait until it is too late, book an appointment to secure that the rights and/or obligations that your current relationship brings via the laws corresponds to your expectations and wishes upon an eventual separation or death!

All of us have most likely been in a situation where a partner has acted in direct opposite to what was expected. In violence to an explicit contract or in violence to an obvious clear or less clear agreement. Despite which, the discrepancy from what was expected rarely is what is considered to be the …

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