How do you want your affairs to be settled? Who inherits from you?

These are questions that are even more present and current in this time of isolation, pandemic, when the snow has created a white cover and such a rarely occurring silence.

In my business I notice an increased demand for the preparation of a Will and a Future power of attorney. Documents that I see relevant to all and recommend all to prepare. Of course, there are situations when the need for these documents is more relevant, but despite those, I see it being a gift clarifying what you want to the ones you leave behind in case of death or lack of mental ability. A gift that minimizes conflicts and prepares for potential risks that otherwise may come as a surprise. Just by clarifying your wishes, you reduce the need for your children of doing that. In Successions this is something that I often find being the case, when parents have not clarified their will. The children then often, consciously or unconsciously, express what they consider their parent’s wishes to be, opinions that often differ between the children. This may lead to conflicts and that, otherwise good sibling relationships, no longer can be maintained. If you have expressed what is your wishes, in a Will and/or Future power of attorney, it is difficult for those who you leave behind state otherwise.

So, if you have not yet prepared a Will and/or a Future power of attorney – do so, if you care about the ones you leave behind!

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