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IRS payment deadline extended to July 15 2020 due to COVID-19


FATCA – First Criminal Conviction for failure to comply!

FATCA: First criminal conviction for failure to comply

It is time to Voluntary Comply if you have not yet done so!

As all attendees at the seminar at Grand Hotel in Stockholm this Tuesday 18 Sept found out – It is time to voluntary…

Publicerat av MAJATTORNEY Torsdag 20 september 2018

Upcoming US Tax Seminar in Stockholm – Sept 18, 2018


Please join us for a US tax seminar for individuals on September 18 at The Grand Hotel in Stockholm. This session focuses on How to Navigate as a US-Connected Person in a World of Tax Transparency.

US citizens, US Green Card holders, any person with a close connection to the US, and anyone assisting any of these persons with their tax filing requirements, will find this breakfast session most important considering the impending September 2018 closure of the Overseas Voluntary Disclosure Program.

You may also be interested in our lunchtime seminar aimed at managers of private equity and venture funds, and other members of the investment community, Attracting US Investors to European Funds – Update on the US Tax Environment. You may register for both but please do so separately.

Email Joni Trulock or call on +44 7947 863 910 if you have any questions.

We look forward to seeing you there.

What are the penalties a taxpayer may face after the September OVDP closure date?

OVDP Closure: Penalties Breakdown

IRS is shutting down the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP) in September 2018!

IRS Announces End to Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program

Cooperation with USTAXFS

USTAXFS expands US tax services to Nordics

15 Feb 2017: “How to navigate as an American in a world of tax transparency”

In cooperation with USTAXFS, AmCham, LegalWorks and the International section of NYSBA, MAJATTORNEY cordially invites you to a mini-seminar on the topic “How to navigate as an American in a world of tax transparency”.

Participants will get an update on U.S. tax requirements and risks, how to minimize the risks, and get the opportunity to take part of an inspiring discussion from a panel with representatives from among others the U.S. Embassy,  the financial sector and the corporate sector, sharing their experiences on U.S. taxation and the implementation of FATCA.

To get invited please contact Joni Trulock at email: Bookings are handled via invitations only.

US Tax Seminar Sweden Feb 15 2017 Invitation[6]


Happy New Year!

Inauguration – 11 April 2014!


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